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  1. Demon Slayer is the best series of the year
  2. Oh wow😲. I didn't know that. It sounds cool. I better try it out 😉
  3. and i am new to the community i think someone more fitting should be moderator.
  4. Hello I know I am new to the community and I have only made some small post in the community, I wanted to ask what are the points for? I have seen them on my avatar Icon and other community members icon, I was curious what that is about.
  5. i was thinking of being a Helper or something of that thought i dont have lot of time on my hands to be a moderator ill probably be really crappy at it as i wont be on the site as much as other but sounds like a good position for people who have the right compatibilities.
  6. Mugiwara


    same, what to see how it turns out
  7. ive watch a few of them like kimetsu no yaiba, one of my favourite anime this year hand down
  8. Black clover im currently watching it and my hero academia season 4