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  1. Hi Mirusubeters, The team and I have decided to move to self hosted instead of cloud based because of this we will be having some downtime of the website this will happen between 4th to 7th of March for the website to kick in again we will be having a backup of the full website, the reason for this is because we are constantly having Members and guest that visit the website which was over the cloud based limit and the plan was lifted to $130 USD which is crazy, and we don't want to give up on the awesome community because the love we have for anime we came up with the conclusion to purchase the whole platform and move to self hosted for price of $600 USD for lifetime use however there are renewal fees every 6 months of $100 USD, for those who want to show their support feel free to Paypal any donation any donation will help us pay for the platform Thank You.
  2. Welcome @Anna Kushina hopefully you enjoy your stay here, glad to have you as our moderator and good luck on making friends.
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    Driving and saw this amazing graffiti
  4. There are so many great anime of the past that have their own charm, but watching them alongside newer anime may dim their shine, and cause their glory to slip away into the depths of the past. Some anime that could benefit from a reboot in my opinion would be those that either have a messed up or unfinished story (deviated from the manga) or those with severely outdated color and graphics. Some of my favorites that need a remake are Rurouni Kenshin, and Inuyasha, which could benefit greatly from an updated look, and I believe could become popular anime once again, as they were in the past. Because both of these anime are set during past time periods, they could be updated without changing the image of the anime. What do you think?
  5. Anime Database Request This thread is where you can request anime to be added to the WA Anime Database! Prior to now, the general public was allowed to add anime, however this was rather messy when it comes to duplicate posts and general quality control! As such, after checking the database first, you may simply request to have an anime added via this thread, and an Anime Curator will get to it!
  6. We have included ads on the website, you can donate to have ads free and browse the website freely without viewing ads.
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    Watch all?

    What is mirusubete? Mirusubete is known in Japanese language meaning Watch all, view all. We are running this community for those who are interstead in watching everything or viewing everything, from anime, movies, news, education ,entertainments, memes, gaming, sports. We are working on reconstructing the structure of the website to be able to find what you want to view or browse. We would like to thank everyone member for joining and those who have subscribed to our YouTube channel. Thank you, King regards Muzza!
  8. Everyone do not forgot the anime movies on Netflix they also awesome to watch
  9. Ok update on latest episode on one peice Sanja and Franky knock out a few people, and you see Luffy and Kid are building an Alliance with the prisoners and the last thing for Luffy escape he will need to hit a few more people.
  10. Which one are you reading atm @Mirusubete
  11. Yes I will check it out upon release!
  12. Nice work I hope people appreciate this awesome work for displaying this anime list for 2020
  13. That's awesome number 1 is what I will be waiting for season 4 is going be something I'm telling ya!
  14. Best list so ever I like the way you added each one with the video, yet again we can add them to the anime list.
  15. Yeah let's get some added to the anime list!
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    For those who has not checked out the anime list by clicking on anime you will find anime from A - Z please use the correct format to leave a review for some of your favourite animes Thanks.
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    Two months of gym so far so good
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    Upgrading theme

    We are working on upgrading the theme for better viewing experience.
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    This was my second anime and it still remains on my number 2 best animes in history. Pretty much a must watch anime.