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    New dreams, new hopes, new experiences, and new anime, wishing you all good things in this new year! Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success Happy New Years to All.
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    A buddy of mine is used to store his bong between his seat and the door of his car when going for buzz cruises. One day he got pulled over, and the officer smelled it and was like, "Sir, please step out of the vehicle" and he opened the door. The bong fell and shattered on the road.
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    Hello im Mirusubete i am a Youtuber/Gamer, check my channel out I will be releasing amazing Anime💻/gaming🎮 content and much more, drop a comment and like on my channel, be sure to SUBSCRIBE. for more videos . Subscribe and click on the notification to see all the latest videos , Once again I appreciate all the support please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAF35bMFOKMl9v-qu4gtDJQ?view_as=subscriber
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    on current gen xbox one x cod BO4 forced pubg naruto storm 4 jump force gta 5 skyrim remastered pc runescape aq3d Counter Strike Global Offence On current gen (ps4 pro) Dragon Age Inquisition LittleBigPlanet 3 Final Fantasy 14 Shadow of Mordor Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Destiny Dust An Elysian Tale The Unfinished Swan on last gen (Ps3) Sonic Generations Assassins Creed 3 Okami HD On last Gen (360) The Witcher 2 Ilomilo Tales of Vesperia fable WiiU Super Smash Bros
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    New dreams, new hopes, new experiences, and new anime, wishing you all good things in this new year! Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success Happy New Years to All.
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    Hello wonderful users! Post your favorite anime OP. ❤ Favorite one will get a free 1000 points Just to start -
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    Hey watch all I am Ali, I like tv series, gaming and anime, I enjoy all sorts of anime, my childhood anime was Naruto. I use to play runescape, but I already maxed my accounts, I am an old users of mirusubete I was on the old forums too, so happy we have moved to better forums. Thanks you for reading
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    One of my first times smoking me and my boys decide to hot box it in the driveway because one of our friends' parents were sleeping. Obviously it gets smokey as fuck and we're all making fun of each other. After about 10 minuites we all start getting paranoid as fuck that someone is watching the car. So we turn it on and just drive it around the block a little bit. Somehow we get lost and end up parking in this guy's yard just to smoke some more. Every time a car would drive by we freaked and then went back to smoking. Shit, that weed made everything funny that night. We ended up at Perkins with a shitty waitress who told us to get our own ketchup. We tipped her $0 on a $50 tab
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    I was in Amsterdam we (4 of my mates inc. me) went into the Grasshopper, we all like to show off when it comes to rolling, we did a windmill, a 10 spliff shotgun, a back-flipped blunt, and i did an OZ pure Tulip it was fuckin' huge we smoked the windmill 1st everyone was coughing it was so hot lol, after 5 or 6 JD n Cokes later we slow toked on this NY Diesal Bf'd Blunt my eyes ballooned up with propper chink-eye and I could hear my heart beating in my ears and lost all sense of balance, we decided to take a seat with some American lads, to toke n share stories they were noobs.. they'd bought pre rolled skunk and some other stuff that was fag heavy (cigerette), we blew our trails into the ash tray from the blunt and i took out this huge motherfucker Tulip, an Ounce + some chocolate tasting Hash and thc crystals from all of our space cases, crystal trays, it smelt hardcore before we even lit it! Everyone was intimidated including us ..the biggest tulip before that we'd ever smoke was a Q, lol, so with out further delay i rotated this bitch in my lips and fired it up it was a thick creamy hit with thc streaming out it smelt like Lemonade and Sherbert infused with superb quality bud (no tabboco) we passed it left and everyone except this fat 'super-Hippy' (flares, flower deco shirt, long curly hair, bandana etc) took a hit, we passed it to this hippy guy he was real crazy like! he'd say things like man...it like an ocean of love in here, lol, and talk about his presumably made up weed stories like an acid trip with visuals lol, anyhow, he gets peer pressured into a lungfull lol and he gags THROWS UP LOL, all over the table catches his breath after several minutes and exclaimed "thats a ONE-TOKER" lol, i laughed my ass off his puked was all on the table and the look on everyones blitzed faces were an absolute picture lol, the bar/bud man from the other side of the Cafe starts coughing loudly and calls out SMOKEY SMOKEY, and goes to the door and opens it allowing fresh air in, we had bonged out the whole cafe with this king kong sized Tulip the bar dude turns around to see this fat deluded hippy still dribbling with a projectile vomit trail in front of him lol, and says the same thing ONE TOKER EH? lol, and throws the dude out, we left after but was laughing about it all night. funny shit
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    I know what you mean because i do the same just before i enter the gym i smoke 2bowls
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    ive watch a few of them like kimetsu no yaiba, one of my favourite anime this year hand down
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    Fr fr. Very intense right now. You can bet my tv will be on crunchyroll tonight at 9 when the new episode drops. The last of 2019!
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    There’s ordinary, and then there’s you Your creative potential seems limitless 😊
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    We would like to announce our first give way that will conclude on the 1st of Jan to celebrate the new year. The giveway will be free donator rank and 5000 Members points
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    Awesome channel mirusubete we will eventually reach our 1k sub goal in no time! Keep up the great content on the youtube channel❤
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    Hi All I have recently discovered HD and 4k quality anime series about 60+ amazing must watch anime series on Netflix I highly recommend.
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    Hello This topic is about website developing or need assistance, have questions. Feel free to post here I may be able to help.
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    That's awesome, keep up the good work, I might start watching them when I have spare time.
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    This is one of my favourites because this way I can get to new songs and I could always use some new songs! Down Like That (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X)
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    Winter 2020 Anime: 1. Healin’ Good♡Precure Classic magical girl series with a new anime in 2020. Produced by Toei Animation! 2. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-hen Released in February 2020. Spring/Summer/Fall 2020 Anime (No Official Release Date): 3. Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu Comedy/Josei anime produced by EMT. Release date unknown. 4. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Comedy drama produced by Silver Link. Same studio as Kokoro Connect. 5. Jashin-chan Dropkick 2nd Season 6. Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle 7. Houkago Teibou Nisshi 8. Tamayomi 9. Nami yo Kiite Kure 10. Vlad Love
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    Winter 2020 Anime: 1. Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei is another anime adapted from a light novel. Produced by Shuka! 2. Isekai Quartet 2 A continuation of the Isekai parody series. Produced by Studio PuYUKAI. 3. Ishuzoku Reviewers Ishuzoku Reviewers is gonna be the anime to watch in 2020, as it stirs up controversy. The story is about a main character who visits brothels full of different Monster Girl races. It’s produced by Passione. Released in January 2020! 4. Kabukichou Sherlock Drama/comedy series produced by Production I.G. The same studio behind Psycho Pass! 5. Koisuru Asteroid Comedy/Slice Of Life anime series, produceed by Doga Kobo! Same studio as Umaru Chan. 6. Kuutei Dragons Seinen/Adventure anime series produced by Polygon Pictures! 7. Kyokou Suiri Supernatural/mystery series produced by Brain’s Base. Released in January 2020. 8. Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Gaiden Magia Record was delayed in 2018 (original release date). Now it’s set for 2020, and is a side story in the Madoka Magica universe. 9. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Demon/Shounen series produced by BN Pictures. Set for January 2020. 10. Majutsushi Orphen Haguretabi Comedy/Magic anime series produced by Studio Deen. The same studio behind Higurashi.
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    Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 is an upcoming Japanese animated science fiction film directed by Hideaki Anno and produced by Studio Khara. It is the fourth and final film in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, based on the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Initial release: June 2020
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    Drop a anime airing in 2020
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    Isekai Quartet is one of the anime airing this season. It's not finished yet, but I'd like to give my thoughts about it here. Overlord Overlord is by far my favorite out of the four. I love the characters; they bounce off each other in a way that I find hilarious, especially in the spin-offs like A La Carte and Ple Ple Pleiades. A common complaint I see about Overlord is that the guardians have no/the same personality because they're all loyal to Ainz. This might seem true to an outsider, but as someone who's a bit closer with the series, I feel that the characters are distinct and interesting. Overlord has, in my opinion, carried Isekai Quartet so far. Ainz has done the most legwork interacting with the other characters, which is the point of a crossover show. He even ends an episode in the most comfy way possible, but I'll let you experience that yourself if you haven't seen Isekai Quartet yet. Ainz should also be the most relatable for the average viewer, even if he's a skeleton lich Sorcerer King. KonoSuba For some reason, r/anime and /a/ just love KonoSuba. While I actually used to like KonoSuba a lot, constantly hearing exaggerations about how hilarious or based it is has turned me off of the show. (So much, in fact, that it has made me lower my score of it on Anilist.) My biggest issue with KonoSuba in Isekai Quartet is the repetitiveness of their gag humor. This is especially true of Darkness, who pretty much has one joke in both Isekai Quartet and the KonoSuba anime. I still do like Darkness in KonoSuba, but in Isekai Quartet, she's just outright annoying. Megumin also hasn't done much in Isekai Quartet yet either, so sorry if you're a Megumin fan. Honestly, watching Isekai Quartet made me realize why Aqua is so popular, even if Megumin is the "canon" ship with Kazuma. Aqua and Kazuma are hilarious. Their jokes felt the least repetitive, and in Episode 8, Aqua has a hilarious interaction with Albedo and Shalltear that just made me laugh because of the connection that was being made across the two anime. I still find /a/'s constant praise of KonoSuba to be worrying, but I shouldn't let that stop me from enjoying an otherwise good anime. Re:Zero Oof, Re:Zero has pretty much always been polarizing. A lot of people (including the characters IN the show) find Subaru obnoxious, but I actually like him. He has a wholesome hikki-esque sense of humor that a lot of people think about but don't say. Also, the Re:Zero anime (out of these four anime) is the most compelling to watch on an episode-to-episode basis. I still remember sitting on the edge of my seat watching Re:Zero for the first time and having the ending theme send chills down my spine. As for Re:Zero's role in Isekai Quartet, I personally find it to be the weakest link. Roswaal's voice is grating, Emilia & Beatrice have minor roles, and Rem's character is just "I love Subaru" now. However, I find Ram's smirk to be hilarious, and I still find Subaru's antics to be endearing, even if annoying. Youjo Senki Youjo Senki is by far the most unique isekai on this list. It's ugly, unfamiliar, and features a completely unrelatable protagonist. Because of that, it is the least popular of the four anime, but I would say it has the most purpose to it. Overlord (in the anime so far) has mostly been a power fantasy. KonoSuba is a comedy. Re:Zero has had more meat to it, bringing out the most extremes of its characters to grip the audience, but the ending of season 1 made it feel like the show had no purpose. On the other hand, Youjo Senki has a goal and path to the story with unique themes, settings and power system that're interesting to learn about. However, because of Youjo Senki's heavy focus on these topics, the characters are sparse and extremely boring. A comedy like Isekai Quartet is carried by the interactions between characters. Although Youjo Senki brings a squadron of people, it really has two characters, (Tanya and Viktoriya) and Viktoriya has yet to do anything interesting. But, Tanya has had a golden moment with Ainz where they enjoy themselves, which is honestly a breath of fresh air for me and the both of them. Both of them live stressful lives, feeling alone and disconnected with the people around them due to their leadership status, so it was actually nice to see them become good friends that can relate to one another. Tanya also gets along with Ainz's close "friend" Demiurge, which also brought a smile to my face. Summary - Is it worth watching? Honestly? Is this show worth watching? If you've already seen all four of these shows, then sure, it's a nice filler anime. But if you don't like one of the anime on the list, (for instance, you think Overlord's characters are boring or you don't appreciate KonoSuba's humor) then it may not be for you. Either way, it's not a huge waste of time, as it's only going to be 12 episodes that are around 12 minutes long each. So far, I would rate the show somewhere between a 5 and a 7, but it's not finished yet so it's hard to say definitively.
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    Any jumpforce players?
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    Demon Slayer is the best series of the year
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    You can earn points via your posts and the points can then be used in the forum Member shop to purchase perks. For instance, many of our members purchase the random post count (to boost their post count artificially) or reputation and the member titles (if purchased, this allows you to change your title from " Member" to "Sponsor/VIP" or what you think up. Sometimes people even purchase limited time pins to boost the visibility of a thread they've initiated or sponsored. The points are also on a leader board and can take quite a bit of time and effort to accumulate. Also Points are fun to collect too the more you post the more you earn, and the more you can buy at the Member shop. They can only be earned, donated, and used to purchase store goods From the Member shop but they can be quite useful as well
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    Celebrities who smoke weed are using their fame to advocate the herbs medical benefits. "Celebrities, they're just like us!” might be a cliche, but it is also true. Nothing connects celebrities to the common man more than smoking weed. Sure, smoking marijuana goes along with the "Hollywood" party lifestyle, but recently celebrities have come out in support of the herbs medical benefits, in addition to its recreational uses. With uptick in popularity of legalization, it’s not surprising that famous celebrities who smoke weed are no longer hiding their affection for the drug, but instead proclaiming it proudly. Willie Nelson Who better to start off the list of famous celebrities who smoke weed than country legend and marijuana advocate Willie Nelson. Nelson has supported legalization for years, preaching the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of smoking the herb. He has publicly praised marijuana for easing his surprisingly hot temper. “I have compared myself to the motorboat where the fuel for the motorboat is a little too hot for the motor, where you have to add a little oil in it. I figure that’s my oil, you know. It’s what I have to do to, you know, to make it easier.” With legalization popping up all over the US, Willie is putting his hat in the ring with other marijuana distributors by launching his own marijuana brand, Willie's Reserve. Who knows good weed better than Willie Nelson? Count us in. Whoopi Goldberg The View cohost is a pretty active advocate of medical marijuana. She uses it to treat her glaucoma, and has made statements in favor of legalization. She believes in the power of medical marijuana so much that she even has her own line of medical cannabis products! Called “Whoopi & Maya,” this line of products includes bath soaks, tinctures, edibles, and body creams to help with inflammation, period pain, joint pain, and anxiety. Like many medical marijuana products, they contain either CBD or THC, the two active compounds in cannabis responsible for many of the health benefits. Jennifer Aniston The TV and film star talked about her weed smoking with then-husband Brad Pitt in a 2001 interview with Rolling Stone. She talked about how they smoked marijuana together and how shocked she was that people made a big deal of it, since it wasn’t “even cocaine or shooting heroin” like other celebrities. At the height of her fame in the 1990s, a lot of celebrities were doing those harder drugs, so she has a point. Later in the that interview, she said of weed, "I wouldn't call myself a pothead. I mean, I enjoy it once in a while. There's nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation." Paris Hilton Paris is one of the few celebrities that smoke weed who has a criminal record to back up the assertion that she smokes pot. The hotel heiress was at a World Cup match in 2010 when she was arrested by South African police for allegedly smoking marijuana. She said that she wasn’t smoking weed and the charges were dropped, but it’s no stretch to believe that Paris Hilton enjoys cannabis. She was even filmed smoking marijuana in 2007, and the video is up on the internet for anybody to see. No denying it now, Paris! Frances McDormand McDormand, star of indie as well as popular films, was actually on the cover of the marijuana magazine High Times in May 2003. Wearing a pot leaf shirt and holding a hand-rolled cigarette (joint?), McDormand’s headline calls her a 'Hollyweed Superstar'. She admitted to the interviewer that she was a recreational pot smoker and supposedly received a gift pack containing smoking supplies from the magazine for appearing in the article and on the cover. She played a pot-smoking mom in the 2002 film Laurel Canyon with Bale, so some might see this as publicity for the movie, but McDormand has since made pro-marijuana statements in the press. Rick Steves This travel writer and TV host is as straight laced as they come, and many would be surprised to hear that he’s one of the most outspoken celebrities that smoke weed. Steves has a sweet, fatherly look and tone, and he’s famous for traveling to classic travel destinations in Europe, not even exotic places. He opened up to LA Weekly in one of their '20 Questions' articles. In it, he says that “Marijuana refreshes your perspective and allows you to see things in a different way,” and that he has “used cannabis all over the world.” Steves is even an outspoken marijuana legalization advocate, and he actively tries to desensitize his older audience to cannabis smoking. You go, Rick Steves! Cameron Diaz Ms. Diaz has been photographed smoking joints several times over her long career, even with her good friend Drew Barrymore once. She’s totally open about her cannabis use in the media. It turns out, Diaz went to the same high school as Snoop Dog, Long Beach Polytechnic. Need we say more? The actress herself claimed that Snoop was her weed dealer back in the day on talk show Lopez Tonight in 2011. "I was green even in high school!" Diaz added. Also on the same show, Snoop Dog responded that he “might have sold” her some weed. Bill Maher One of the most politically savvy celebrities that smoke weed, progressive comic Bill Maher actually smoked cannabis live on television on his show Real Time in 2016 to prove a point to “hippies” who want to legalize pot. An outspoken advocate of legalization of marijuana, Maher even wrote a 2013 opinion article for Rolling Stone about how marijuana legalization can help unite us as a country. In an interview in the same magazine in 2011, he admits to smoking pot and says it’s a private thing that we should have the freedom to enjoy. Morgan Freeman The famous actor didn’t start off being out about personal pot use, but Freeman has always been outspoken about legalization. In a 2012 Newsweek interview, when asked about legalizing weed, the actor stated, “We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor. It’s stupid.” Then, in 2015, he opened up to The Daily Beast about his fibromyalgia, adding, “The only thing that offers any relief is marijuana.” When asked how he takes his weed, Freeman answered, “However it comes! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it.” It looks like the pro-legalization crowd gained a powerful advocate in the actor who played God! Jennifer Lawrence Unlike many young celebrities, Lawrence hasn’t been connected with heavy partying and clubbing. The down to earth star was, however, photographed by paparazzi smoking something “suspicious” on the balcony of her hotel room in Hawaii in 2013. With her busy schedule filming blockbuster after blockbuster, it’s no doubt she needed something to unwind, though she hasn’t publically come out in favor of legalization of weed. The star of the Hunger Games did admit to smoking pot with her brother before going to the Oscars, but she didn’t confirm if it was before the 2013 awards show when she stumbled on the stairs. Charlize Theron The Oscar-winning actress is one of the most surprising celebrities that smoke weed because she always seems so glamorous. Well it just so happens that she is seriously just like the rest of us (or maybe better.) Theron was photographed smoking out of a homemade bong made out of an apple! Smoking this way takes some serious skill that only a seasoned pot smoker would have. It’s hard to find the source of the images, but they’re all over the internet. Kristen Stewart Star of the Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart did a 2012 interview with Vanity Fair magazine in which she admitted to smoking weed. The interviewer asked about some pictures circulating on the internet that featured her smoking, and she responded that she was a nobody at the time. She then went on to describe herself as “weirdo, creative Valley Girl who smokes pot.” It’s nice to hear of a celebrity who simply considers marijuana use 'no big deal'. Justin Timberlake Actor, musician, and former boy band star Justin Timberlake told Playboy magazine in 2011 that he “absolutely” smokes weed. He’s another one of our clean cut celebrities that smoke weed, but Justin says that "Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high." Lots of people who smoke pot say that it helps them be creative, and Justin is one of a growing group of musicians who openly smoke pot when writing songs, a list that includes Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and even the next celebrity on this list. Sting The musician and activist feels so strongly about legalization of marijuana that he wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled “Let’s End the War on Drugs.” In the article, he says that the US War on Drugs “is actively harming our society,” and “an absolute failure whose cost to society is increasingly unbearable and absolutely unjustifiable.” The article supports an organization called the Drug Policy Alliance, and calls on everybody to think hard about legalizing drugs.
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    damn i didn't know most of these celbs where stoners LMFAO
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    Do you often wonder, “what are the best shows to watch high?” Or, more specifically, “what are the best cartoons to watch high? Don’t worry I gotchus 1 Rick and Morty 2 South Park 3 Futurama 4 Family Guy 5 The Simpsons 6 Adventure Time 7 Regular Show 8 Bob's Burgers 9 American Dad! 10 Scooby-Doo
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    To begin this anime list I would like to mention my top 5 anime series I currently watch One piece Naruto Sword art online Rezero Black Clover
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    haha ive also watch most of these myself
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    If you're an anime fan who tokes, you're probably looking for some good anime to watch while stoned, so I made this list enjoy #2 11 Mob Psycho 100 12 Hellsing Ultimate 13 The Devil Is a Part-Timer! 14 KonoSuba 15 My Neighbor Totoro 16 Fullmetal Alchemist 17 No Game No Life 18 Mushishi 19 Shin-chan 20 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
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    Nice I have subscribed like way before, I like all he videos you have made they all my favourite animes hehe
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    what's Goood My brother 🌿✂️😂
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    Counter-Strike Global Offensive Dota 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ Fortnite The King of Fighters XIV League of Legends Mortal Kombat 11 Overwatch PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Rocket League StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Street Fighter V Tekken 7
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    Currently playing PUBG on Xbox one x
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    Wow that is interesting I had no idea. Awesome topic keep up the good work 👍
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    Well, if you read that title and are expecting this blogpost to be a guide on how to become a successful Youtuber... Sorry, but no. Note: this entry is rambling and my personal experience/opinion. You know, for a big part of my life, I've wanted to have a community. I've tried a lot of different things, like reddit, 4chan, discord, etc. A lot of them don't really sit right with me. Let's start off with reddit. For the most part, the reddit website is fine, but I have lots of issues with the r/anime subreddit. Here are some of my issues with it: The same things are said over and over again. This is possibly due to the seasonal format recycling the same ideas. This is really bothersome for me because no new "ideas" are being thought of. There's too much Fanart. Fanart isn't necessarily bad, but if I wanted to see fanart of a show, I would subscribe to that show's subreddit. Most comments in a fanart post have nothing new to say. There's no discussion at all. The same joke or a variation of it is always top comment, rather than the comments that have something interesting to say. This is due to the "early bird gets the worm" system that reddit has when it comes to its voting system. Instead encouraging thinking, the reddit system encourages taking a trending joke and fitting it into the scenario. Because a comment was posted earlier, it has been seen for a longer time; therefore, that comment will get upvoted. Comments that are not top comments get buried in an avalanche of redditors rushing to get their karma. The upvote/downvote system is stupid. Many times, I get downvoted for doing nothing wrong. Conversely, people who say stupid/obvious things get upvoted. In other subreddits, downvoting should only be used to show that something is off-topic, offensive, or rulebreaking, but r/anime uses it as a disagree button I post many things that are on-topic, yet still get downvoted for no apparent reason. This is super frustrating because I can never find out why I got downvoted. It just happens. It feels too impersonal. On my time on AF, I feel like I've already gotten to know some of you guys despite being here for less than a month. From using reddit over years, I have not felt the same. I feel like no one knows who I am, and no one knows who each other are. The only way people know people is through other websites. (For instance, Youtubers or Twitter users, etc.) I explained to someone why I don't like getting spoiled. I was downvoted, and then someone replied to me saying "spoilers don't ruin a show". The person who replied to me got upvoted. Both the person and the people who downvoted me failed to see that I was explaining why you shouldn't spoil things for other people. Instead of trying to understand me, they downvote me anonymously. Some other points that may or may not be true anymore: Mods are power-hungry, corrupt, and hard to work with Rules don't make sense or are unintuitive Posts get taken down for no good reason And most importantly, the biggest problem of all... The community is way too passive aggressive. They dance around what they're saying in a sarcastic manner, which is really frustrating. Boy, that list was longer than I expected. I still love reddit, but it's definitely time for me to part ways with r/anime. I've had very few problems with other subreddits, like r/manga or r/animemes. This may be because more specific subreddits have a focus. For instance, fanart isn't banned on r/manga, but it's taboo to spam fanart there because the subreddit is, in essence, a manga-focused subreddit. The r/anime subreddit, however, will just hoard whatever anime-related content it sees while hypocritically banning topics that "aren't anime". MrAnimeFan and others have had this issue before, and it's really confusing. Next up is 4chan's /a/. I've pretty much only lurked there, but the vibes are definitely not for me. Essentially: Way too many untagged spoilers Constant aggressiveness Refusal to understand other viewpoints, even when proven wrong Impersonality/lack of "community" It's still way better than r/anime, though. The discussions on /a/ are way more "intelligent" than r/anime, there isn't a stupid voting system, and their general taste in anime is much better than r/anime's. That last point is entirely subjective, but I still stand by it. I probably feel this way because many of my thoughts about an anime are never even mentioned on r/anime, (or they are downvoted when brought up) but are explained in detail on /a/ in a precise way that just clicks with me. The biggest example I can think of off of the top of my head is My Hero Academia. Everyone and their grandmother loves this show, but there were so many things that bothered my enjoyment of the show that're just overlooked on r/anime. On the other hand, /a/ will gladly call out anything they have an issue with. The biggest difference between reddit and 4chan is that redditors try to conform to what other redditors are thinking to farm upvotes. However, 4chan users mostly don't care about what other 4chan users are thinking and will jump at the opportunity to directly insult them. So what's better, Kinbaryu: a redundant website that stays inside its own thought bubble, or a volatile website that claws at itself to prove a point? I don't want to partake in either, yet I still do. I love anime, and I love talking to other people about anime. For every 3-4 painful threads on /a/ or r/anime, there's always a good thread where the replies are interesting to read. I love reading what people have to say about an anime, and how it inspires them to draw or write or change their life. These threads make me appreciate a show in entirely new ways I couldn't have imagined on my own. It's fascinating. Maybe these websites aren't for me, then. I'm okay with that. So, I turned to discord. Afterall, you could talk to anyone in the server, and there's a name and profile picture that lets you identify who someone is. But in regards to anime-based servers, here's why I don't like them: Many servers are dead. Anime-based servers are typically quiet. General servers that have a channel for anime discussion are even more quiet. Some servers that aren't dead are way too chaotic. I can't tell who's who, and I can't tell what's going on. There's no sense of connection, meaning it's hard to get your foot in the door on these servers. There's always drama. I don't care. I want to talk about anime. A lot of servers don't even talk about anime. Over ~15 anime-related servers I had joined, only two have consistently talked about anime. In a lot of them, here's the most they would talk about anime: "Oh hey, I like My Hero Academia." "Oh really! Me too! My favorite hero is [Hero], who's yours?" "[Hero]" There's nothing interesting being said here. They don't explain why they like the hero, or what they think about the show. This is probably a huge factor in why I have a resentment against My Hero Academia. Eventually, I was led to more things, like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and here So far, I'm not having a bad time here, honestly. I do lurk too much, though. I should definitely try to be more active, like @watchall. Wrapping up, I don't know what direction I'm going with Youtube., but who knows what the future holds. Alright, the entry is over, I promise. If you managed to read this whole thing, thanks. I really do appreciate it. And appreciate this community すべて見る