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  2. @Anna Kushina Welcome to the forum! 😊
  3. Welcome @Anna Kushina welcome to the staff team. I am watch all I take care of what content is being uploaded to the website.
  4. Hi, welcome to mirusubete this community is friendly people that also love anime. Congratulations on moderator.
  5. Welcome @Anna Kushina hopefully you enjoy your stay here, glad to have you as our moderator and good luck on making friends.
  6. Since I am new here I will learn pretty well in this website. I know it's the same as anime forum but this will also be my home too.

  7. This is Anna Kushina speaking, Yes I read your rules and of course I will follow them. I do follow rules a lot so I know what I am doing here. Thank you for the rules I wrote every single one of them in my anime planner so I can read them again and again. Sincerely, Anna Kushina
  8. I hope to make new friends here. please follow me if you want to be my friend.:classic_biggrin:

  9. hi everyone I am new here and my name is anna kushina I love anime and also anime boys. I hope to make some brand new friends here and feel comfortable. love you all.
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  11. Do not advertise with the link/url as the header you will be banned
  12. We need more of those paintings
  13. Ali

    Watch all?

    Best of luck we shall grow just within time ad a lot of hard work.
  14. Ali


    Guys for those who want to chat live visit the discord box below there's is a link to the discord. Thanks
  15. We need more of those happening haha
  16. We should start a quize or some sort of game for the forums.
  17. Ali

    Call of duty

    Call of duty mobile is become popular wow
  18. Ali


    Thanks for the give away!
  19. Ali


    That's really nice what an amazing street graffiti
  20. Idk about mirusubete but I'm reading one peice
  21. Ali

    About me

    Hahah awesome stuff
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